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ISSCR News is the monthly ISSCR digital newsletter that is sent to over 22,000 people in the worldwide stem cell community. Each month’s issue contains timely, quality information of interest to stem cell researchers. Popular features include ISSCR highlights, recent public policy and advocacy efforts, pivotal scientific publications, news and events, and job opportunities. Click here to view previous issues.

ISSCR News is delivered on the second Tuesday of each month. Ad materials must be received at least two weeks prior to publication. Reservations for 2020 and 2021 are currently being accepted. 


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Statistics on ISSCR News:

  • 92% of ISSCR members receive ISSCR News
    • 39% of those members open ISSCR News
  • Average click-through-rate: 10% (Industry average 2.79%) 
  • Issues with top click-through-rates
    1. December 17.74%
    2. August 13.80%
    3. July 13.32 %
    4. February 12.69%
    5. April 10.21%


To advertise in ISSCR News, please contact the ISSCR Sales Team at .

Advertisements Offered Per Issue

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$ 2,500 USD/issue

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  • Static ads are accepted as JPG or PNG format.
  • You will provide the URL with artwork to link to your ad.

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  • Image dimensions are 200 px wide x 150 px high, all images must be in JPG or PNG formats 
  • See Guidelines for Sponsored Content below for more information
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General Advertising Guidelines

Advertisers are welcome to promote their products and services in so far as they are in alignment with the ISSCR. Please note the following prohibited subject matter.

Prohibited Subject Matter:

  • Clinical trials, therapies, or drugs
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Travel awards offered independently of the ISSCR
  • Membership
  • Anything that may be deemed to be not in alignment with the ISSCR. The ISSCR reserves the right to reject any submission. 

Guidelines for Sponsored Content

Content is your original content and should not appear to be provided by or authored by the ISSCR in any way. Content can be up to 150 words and must be educational and inform the reader about some aspect of stem cell biology, research, application, technique, or therapy.

Content may take the form of one of the following;

  • Narrative
  • Question & Answer
  • Product, technique, or technology highlight

Companies may purchase sponsored content up to two times per year. There must be a minimum of 6 months between sponsored content from the same company. This section will include a disclaimer that this is sponsored content created and paid for by the content provider and does not necessarily represent or reflect the views of the ISSCR. 


To advertise in ISSCR News, please contact the ISSCR Sales Team at .