• 12 July, 2021

    Major Advances and a 20 Year Celebration Ahead

    While we have this intense anticipation for stem cell products and therapies, we also have vulnerable patient populations increasingly challenged by the need to separate science from fiction. For nearly 20 years, we as ISSCR members have been the international voice of logic and moderation. As we move closer to delivery, we have an ongoing need to support this progress with appropriate ethics and research integrity.
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      • 2 July, 2021

    Keith Alm Assumes New Role as ISSCR CEO

    The ISSCR is pleased to announce Keith Alm will today assume the role of CEO. He replaces retiring Nancy Witty, after 16 years of leadership.
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      • 2 July, 2021

    Melissa H. Little Assumes New Role as President of the ISSCR

    The ISSCR is pleased to announce Melissa H. Little, PhD, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and University of Melbourne, Australia, as president of the ISSCR Board of Directors.
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      • 21 June, 2021

    Coalition Statement in Support of Research Using Human Fetal Tissue

    Our organizations represent scientific, medical, and patient communities dedicated to advancing medical knowledge and improving human health. We support the continued use of human fetal tissue (HFT) in research because it is an indispensable biomedical research tool crucial for life-saving biomedical research.
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      • 8 June, 2021

    Extraordinary Challenge. Extraordinary Achievement. 2020-2021: A Year in Review

    What an extraordinary year this has been for science. We witnessed an amazing international response for vaccine development to combat COVID-19. Never before has a drug passed so quickly from the bench through regulatory hurdles to beside. We saw science take center stage in the media as our community rose to the challenge of the pandemic. And, behind the headlines of COVID-19, we watched our colleagues pass major milestones in stem cell research and regenerative medicine.
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      • 26 May, 2021

    The ISSCR Releases Updated Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Clinical Translation

    The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) today released updated guidelines for stem cell research and its translation to medicine. The update reflects emerging advances including, stem cell-based embryo models, human embryo research, chimeras, organoids, and genome editing.
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      • 17 May, 2021

    Let the Countdown Begin

    We are weeks away from the ISSCR 2021 Annual Meeting, and there is much to anticipate in the meantime. There are so many new programs and announcements coming up for our members and the stem cell community in the next two months, I thought I would take this month’s column to highlight a just a few that I am excited about.
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      • 4 May, 2021

    Remembering Eli Broad

    The ISSCR is saddened to learn of the death of Eli Broad, a philanthropist who greatly influenced the field of stem cell science. Together, Eli and Edythe Broad founded the Broad Foundation and made significant investments in science that underscore the belief that research has the potential to treat devastating diseases and significantly improve human health.
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      • 26 April, 2021

    Miniaturized Models of Neuron-Muscle Interactions Give Insight in ALS

    A new miniaturized model of NMJ formation, recently published in Stem Cell Reports, will find broad application in studying motor neuron pathology and the discovery of potential therapeutics in ALS.
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      • 22 April, 2021

    The ISSCR Honors Earth Day

    The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) scientific series, Stem Cells and Global Sustainability, is open to the public this week in honor of Earth Day.
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      • 16 April, 2021

    ISSCR Applauds Reversal of U.S. Policies Restricting Fetal Tissue Research

    The scientific community appreciates that the Biden Administration is lifting the arbitrary restrictions on promising biomedical research using human fetal tissue. Fetal tissue is a crucial research tool that has contributed to numerous scientific advances and saved millions of lives. It was critical for the development of vaccines for polio, rubella, measles, chickenpox, and rabies. It remains essential for creating models of the human immune system for studying viral infections from HIV, Zika, coronavirus, and other viruses.
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      • 13 April, 2021

    Message from the President: Thank You, Nancy

    For 16 years, Nancy Witty has guided the ISSCR to its present prominence as the leading scientific society for stem cell research. Her leadership has enabled our international community to establish a strong foothold in promoting stem cell science, education, and global public policy initiatives that support the field. Nancy will retire in June from her amazing career as ISSCR’s Chief Executive Officer.
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      • 13 April, 2021

    ISSCR Launches New Podcast, The Stem Cell Report with Martin Pera

    The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) unveils a new podcast today in connection with the Society’s open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal, Stem Cell Reports. The Stem Cell Report with Martin Pera goes “beyond the paper” with authors to draw new insights and explore the questions and creativity that propel new breakthroughs.
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