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Potential stem cell-derived therapies are advancing from the laboratory towards the clinic. These cell-based approaches present novel considerations for clinicians and the public alike. The ISSCR is dedicated to helping educate and inform clinicians, review boards, and the public with current, scientifically-grounded information on these advances and their application(s).




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The ISSCR Leads Coalition Letter to President-elect Biden on Human Fetal Tissue Research

  • 7 January, 2021
News from ISSCR website tile The ISSCR and a coalition of 98 scientific, medical, and patient communities dedicated to advancing medical knowledge and improving human health urged President-elect Biden to swiftly rescind the human fetal tissue (HFT) research restrictions and policy changes that the Department of Health and Human Services made in 2019. Among other key points, the letter stated that these changes have halted all intramural HFT research and obstructed new extramural research involving HFT. Scientists and ethicists have repeatedly reviewed the use of HFT in research and have consistently concluded that HFT is an essential resource for biomedical research. HFT has led to many scientific and medical advances that have saved millions of lives. It remains critical for the development of new treatments for a wide range of serious diseases, including COVID-19.

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