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Module 6: Leveraging Tools to Study Stem Cell Biology

Introduction and Learning Objectives: 

Module 6 reviews the cutting-edge technologies that can be applied to interrogate stem cells to further their experimental use and clinical potential. Students are presented with genetic and cellular tools that enhance cell differentiation strategies. This module will explore different mechanisms for gene editing and cell engineering and discuss chimeric embryo models and their uses. Finally, the module stresses the promise of omics technologies, single-cell assays, and bioinformatics tools that elevate the use and analysis of stem cell-based platforms for the clinical setting and fundamental discoveries. After      this module, students will be equipped to analyze stem cells experimentally and better understand how they can be used to further understand basic biology or enhance regenerative medicine. 

At the conclusion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Compare different methods of genome engineering;
  • Synthesize omics technologies and how they help to dissect cellular heterogeneity;
  • Appreciate the power and limitations of computational methods in analyzing omics data;
  • Explain animal chimerism and define its importance as a model system;
  • Couple genetic and cellular technologies to solve experimental queries;
  • Weigh the justification of genetic modifications in different experimental settings;
  • Use these tools to revamp classic developmental biology experiments and design new testable hypotheses.

Core Concepts

  1. Editing the stem cell genome
  2. In vivo tools in stem cell biology
  3. Computational tools to dissect stem cell heterogeneity
  4. In vitro cultures of adult stem cells to analyze the differentiation capacity

This module is part of the ISSCR's Core Concepts in Stem Cell Biology: Syllabus and Learning Guide. To access the experiments, theories, and primary and secondary literature that support each of these concepts, download the complete resource by using the form on the right-hand side of this webpage.

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