Honoring Innovation & Exceptional Research

The ISSCR Awards Portfolio recognizes outstanding achievements and research potential in the field of stem cell research around the world. This year, more prizes were awarded than ever before, including complimentary registration and travel for the ISSCR annual meeting. The ISSCR awards honor scientists’ innovative work to harness the potential of stem cells, recognize exceptional research, support young researchers and the future of stem cell research and acknowledge extraordinary public service in the field. In order to ensure a diversity of award recipients, the award selection committee will take into account the previous ISSCR award history of nominees. Past recipients of the Innovation Award are not eligible for other science-based ISSCR awards. Nominees must be available to attend the ISSCR Annual Meeting if selected as the award recipient.

  • ISSCR Dr. Susan Lim Award for Outstanding Young Investigator

    Recognizes the exceptional achievements of an investigator in the early part of his or her independent career in stem cell research. The award recipient will be honored at the ISSCR Annual Meeting and give a featured presentation during a plenary session at the ISSCR Annual Meeting.

  • ISSCR Tobias Award Lecture

    Recognizes original and promising basic hematology research as well as direct translational or clinical research related to cell therapy in hematological disorders.


From left to right: 2018 Award Winners:  ISSCR Dr. Susan Lim Award for Outstanding Young Investigator winner Shuibing Chen, Dr. Susan Lim, 2017-18 ISSCR President Hans Clevers, ISSCR Tobias Award Lecture winner Connie Eaves, ISSCR Zhongmei Chen Yong Awards for Scientific Excellence representatives Huawei Guo and Huiying Chen, ISSCR CEO Nancy Witty, ISSCR Innovation Award winners Graziella Pellegrini and Michele De Luca, ISSCR Public Service Award winner Megan Munsie.


2017 ISSCR Award Winners

  • ISSCR Achievement Award

    The ISSCR Achievement Award recognizes the transformative body of work of an investigator that has had a major impact on the field of stem cell research or regenerative medicine.

  • ISSCR Momentum Award

    The ISSCR Momentum Award recognizes the exceptional achievements of an investigator whose innovative research has established a major area of stem cell-related research with a strong trajectory for future success.

  • ISSCR Public Service Award

    Given in recognition of outstanding contributions of public service to the fields of stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

  • ISSCR Poster Awards

    Annual meeting prizes given to up to six trainee members with outstanding poster abstracts and presentations.

  • ISSCR Merit Abstract Awards

    These awards recognize superior abstracts with a certificate and recognition on the ISSCR website and at the annual meeting. Late-Breaking abstracts are not eligible. No application necessary, only trainees with active ISSCR membership are eligible.