ISSCR Tobias Award Lecture, 2016-2021

The ISSCR Tobias Award Lecture was established in 2015 by the Tobias Foundation. The award recognized original and promising basic hematology research as well as direct translational or clinical research related to cell therapy in hematological disorders.

Past Winners

  • 2021 Winner

    Stuart H. Orkin

    Stuart H. Orkin, MD, Boston Children's HospitalDana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Harvard Medical School, USA  is the 2021 Tobias Lecture Award recipient.

    Dr. Orkin, an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, is internationally recognized as a physician-scientist for his groundbreaking discoveries in many aspects of hematopoiesis and particularly as a pioneer in establishing the roles of transcription factors and genetic networks in hematopoietic cell differentiation. Over the past decade, he has used this knowledge to transform current understanding of erythroid differentiation and how fetal hemoglobin is silenced in development and can be experimentally reactivated via modulation of BCL11A function. This work forms the basis for novel gene therapy and gene editing approaches to provide cures for patients with the major hemoglobinopathies, sickle cell disease and ß-thalassemia.

    Established in 2015 and supported by the Tobias Foundation, the prize recognizes original and promising basic hematology research as well as direct translational or clinical research related to cell therapy in hematological disorders.  More.

  • 2020 Winner

    Margaret A. Goodell

    The ISSCR awarded the 2020 Tobias Lecture Award to Margaret A. (Peggy) Goodell, PhD, Chair of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Director of the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA during ISSCR 2020 Virtual. Dr. Goodell is an internationally recognized leader in the field of hematopoietic stem cell research and made early seminal advances in analyzing hematopoietic stem cell quiescence. She was the first to identify the importance of DMMT3 as a key epigenetic regulator of normal hematopoietic stem cell function and has since contributed major insights into our understanding of the key role of epigenetic perturbations in hematologic malignancies. The award will be presented 26 June during the Stem Cells and Aging ISSCR 2020 Virtual.


  • 2019 Winner

    Scott Armstrong, MD, PhD

    The 2019 ISSCR Tobias Award Lecture will be presented to Scott Armstrong, MD, PhD, Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Harvard Medical School, U.S. at the 2019 Annual Meeting. Dr. Armstrong’s work has focused on discovery of developmental pathways that drive childhood cancers and developing new treatment approaches. He directs a rigorous research program to develop treatments that target epigenetic mechanisms using new small molecule approaches. Dr. Armstrong will deliver the Tobias Award Lecture in Plenary VII, on Saturday, 29 June at 16:05.

  • 2018 Winner

    Connie Eaves, PhD, FRS

    The 2018 ISSCR Tobias Award Lecture was presented to Connie Eaves, PhD, FRS, Distinguished Scientist, Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer Agency, Canada, an internationally recognized leader and authority on stem cells of the blood-forming system and how their properties change over time and by type.
  • 2017 Winner

    John Dick, PhD, FRS

    University Health Network of Canada/Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

  • 2016 Winner

    Leonard I. Zon, MD

    Boston Children’s Hospital