More than 15 Years of Sharing Global Stem Cell Science

With roughly 4,000 members from more than 65 countries, the ISSCR is the preeminent global, cross-disciplinary, science-based organization dedicated to stem cell research and its translation to the clinic.

Formed in 2002, the Society promotes global collaboration among the world’s most talented and committed stem cell scientists and physicians, and plays a catalyzing role in the development of effective new medical treatments.



Guidelines that outline core principles of scientific rigor and research integrity, regularly updated based on scientific developments and disseminated to researchers, clinicians, organizations and institutions around the world.


Support Across the Breadth of the Field

The Society brings together researchers, clinicians, academics, and industry representatives engaged in both fundamental and applied research, and provides international opportunities to share science and advance the field. The ISSCR supports the strong scientific and medical consensus that continued research on all types of stem cells is critical to developing research strategies that will ultimately provide new therapies for patients with debilitating diseases and injuries.

The ISSCR represents academia and industry on a broad range of issues that affect the well-being of patients and their families, and strives to educate the public and government regulators on the basic principles of stem cell science and the realistic potential for new medical treatments and cures.

Promoting the Highest Scientific and Ethical Standards

The leadership of the ISSCR is acutely aware of the responsibility the Society bears to promote the highest scientific and ethical standards, and is dedicated to integrity in the rigor and quality of the research community’s scientific work, the public policy stands it takes on stem cell related issues, and the organization’s relations with its key constituents and the public. Only such an abiding commitment to integrity can ensure that as the ISSCR grows, it will continue to be seen as a fair and trusted advocate by both its internal and external stakeholders.

"Core strengths of the ISSCR include its scientific integrity and excellence, and its outstanding membership comprised of research leaders worldwide."

George Q. Daley, MD, PhD
Dean, Harvard Medical School, and 

Professor, Boston Children's Hospital & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
ISSCR Past President

The Promise

The ISSCR will continue to be in the forefront of education, research, and outreach, as its international members drive forward to harness the power of stem cells to transform human health worldwide.