• Keith Alm

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Kym Kilbourne

    Director of Media and Strategic Communications

  • Erika Kowalczyk

    Director of Global Events

  • Jack Mosher

    Scientific Advisor

  • Glori Rosenson

    Director of Outreach

  • Meredith Albrecht

    Senior Event Services Coordinator

  • Chris Barry

    Scientific & Industry Affairs Manager

  • Liza Boscow

    Event Services & Membership Coordinator

  • Lynnea Brand

    Senior Manager, Outreach and Committees

  • Dodie Dwyer

    Administrative Coordinator

  • Yvonne Fischer

    Managing Editor, Stem Cell Reports

  • Ayesha Khan

    Program Coordinator

  • Tyler Lamb

    Director of Policy

  • Sarah McNamara

    Meetings & Events Manager

  • Saliha Moore

    Manager of Policy

  • Vihar Patel

    Senior Manager of Technology

  • Andy Podczerwinski

    Business Development Coordinator

  • Hunter Reed

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Liz Weislogel

    Meeting Program Manager