Stem Cell Reports Early Career Editorial Board
Applications Open

Stem Cell Reports, the peer-reviewed, open access, online journal of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) is seeking highly motivated and accomplished early career scientists for a potential two-year appointment to join the Early Career Scientist Editorial Board (ECEB). This group of distinguished early career scientists will have the opportunity to:

  • Advise on journal content and programming such as special Issues, podcast content, and other initiatives
  • Receive mentoring from the editors
  • Attend the annual editorial board meeting
  • Build their professional network and connections
  • Be an ambassador for the journal

Applicants should have a PhD or MD and be in a primary leadership position (laboratory head, primary investigator, director, senior scientist) for more than two years but not more than seven years. Competitive applicants should have published papers in the stem cell field as the senior/corresponding author, a demonstrated track record of external funding for their laboratory or commensurate experience in the biotechnology or industry sector.


  • Academic and industry backgrounds welcome
  • Must be an ISSCR member 
  • PhD or MD required
  • Applicant has been in a primary leadership position (group leader, primary investigator, senior scientist, director) for more than two years and less than seven years
  • Demonstrated academic excellence as group leader or laboratory director e.g., through senior author papers, successfully funded external grants, and/or leadership in industry


  • Members will serve a two-year term with an opportunity to serve for another year by mutual agreement. Terms will run from 1 July – 30 June of the calendar year.


  • Applicants should submit a cover letter and CV to
  • The cover letter should be one page or less and include a statement of interest, outcomes sought, and previous reviewing experience, including under the guidance of a mentor
  • The CV should be two pages maximum, including significant publications, reviewing experience and relevant experience

Stem Cell Reports is an open access forum communicating basic discoveries in stem cell research, in addition to translational and clinical studies. Stem Cell Reports focuses on original research with conceptional or practical advances that are of broad interest to stem cell biologists and clinicians.

Stem Cell Reports and the ISSCR are committed to inclusivity and diversity and to creating a welcoming environment that embraces unique perspectives and that encourages the participation of all people.

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