Developing Guidelines for the Field of Stem Cell Research

As a service to the field, the ISSCR has historically developed guidelines that address the international diversity of cultural, political, legal, and ethical perspectives related to stem cell research and its translation to medicine. All guidelines maintain and underscore widely shared principles in science that call for rigor, oversight, and transparency in all areas of practice. Adherence to these principles provides assurance that stem cell research is conducted with scientific and ethical integrity and that new therapies are evidence-based.

Responding to advances in science, the guidelines were updated in 2016 to encompass a broader and more expansive scope of research and clinical endeavor than before, imposing rigor on all stages of the research, addressing the cost of regenerative medicine products, and highlighting the need for accurate and effective public communication. At their core, the guidelines preserve the imperative for a specialized oversight process for research involving human embryos, in recognition of the unique sensitivities surrounding such research.

The 2016 Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Clinical Translation have been adopted by researchers, clinicians, and organizations and institutions around the world.

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Previous Guidelines

The 2016 guidelines expand on earlier ISSCR guidelines, bringing together both documents and updating to reflect advances in science and the scientific enterprise around the world: